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What If I don’t like my video?
We like to meet and align with our clients to define the scope of work, duration of video, tone, and intended audience. We also like to work in parallel with you to be sure we are amplifying the message you are trying to convey. If we completely miss the mark you had in mind, then Full Circle is willing to take ideas back to the drawing board should time, scheduling and finances allow. We want to work with you until you are fully satisfied with the product.

What does the revision process look like?
Full Circle offers draft exports to our clients for review. We typically target a final draft between 2 - 4 draft revisions. We can do more, but we encourage our clients to have a critical eye and really hone in on their idea, so it doesn’t take 4 weeks to go from initial draft to final draft. If we are in sync prior to production and communicating effectively throughout the editing processes, then we only need a few revisions to get a video published. Fewer drafts is a sign of good collaboration.

Why does shooting video take so long?
Producing quality content is an art. It takes time and patience. We invest time into Pre Production (location scout, script, storyboard, etc). That way, we are best prepared for the day.

Why are production rates itemized as full days and half-days? My production should only take a few minutes to film?
With the Video Production and Live Streaming industry, the half-day and full day rates are standard. The Full Circle team devotes a considerable amount of time developing and planning a production, preparing equipment, transporting gear and setting up. Every shoot is a -hour commitment, minimum.

I have an idea for a TV show. Can Full Circle help me produce and stream it?
First let’s develop your concept into a pitch. 

Once we determine details like location, number of cameras, desired audience, level of production etc, then we can start filling in the gaps. If you can dream it, we can do it - if time, scheduling and budget permits.

How do I make my video more interesting?
There is so much compelling video content that drives business and improves brand image. Full Circle Streaming and Digital likes to dig deep to understand what you are truly trying to communicate, in order to then produce content that amplifies your message that resonates with your audience.

How do I make a great video?
Have clear objectives. Write them down and be prepared to explain them to your team and eventually us here at Full Circle. You can also hire us to focus your goals and messaging. We are experts in refining your ideas, putting action to your ideas, and laying out the steps to execute your video or live stream.

What is the average turn around time to produce a video?
From Pre-Production planning to Final Published Product, we typically like to budget 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. 

Can Full Circle Offer ‘Record to tape’ live streams?
Of course! We have experience taking pre-recorded elements and combining them with live elements to either stream live or record to tape. This allows you to review and scrutinize your “live” stream before you publish.

Can Full Circle just make videos without live streaming? - Do I have to Live stream?
Sure Can! - We produce videos, we can live stream, we can produce videos for your live stream. Think of it as a-la-carté menu of products we offer. You choose what you are interested in and we can build a quote for you.

What form of payment does Full Circle Accept?
We like getting paid, so we try to make this easy. We accept mostly any form of payment from Check, Cash, ACH, Wire Transfer, ACH, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Pizza.. you name it

Can you incorporate footage I already have or already recorded?
As long as our computers can display it, absolutely! We can incorporate most media formats, and even if we need to have a third party help convert your old film reels, or any obscure media, then we can incorporate that into the budget. 

How many people are on set when filming? - Live Streaming?
Typically we have between 2 and 4 people on set to help with a production or live stream. If we have specialty jobs or unique circumstances like wireless video transmission, then we may require an extra person, but we typically operate on as few production team members as possible while keeping task saturation appropriate. 

What do I need and what do you provide for streaming?
You need the concept and time in your schedule. We can handle the rest.

We have all the gear and knowledge to execute your production. We may need you to log into your streaming platform (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch etc..) so we can connect the stream to your viewers, but beyond that we have everything to execute multi camera live streams - even in remote locations!

Are my files backed up?
Yes of course! We have an active NAS server with RAID configuration that backs up your files redundantly. Additionally, we archive files upon completion to store your files for years into the future. If you need us to host your files on a cloud server like Google Drive or Dropbox, just let us know. 

Who owns the files? Is file ownership is negotiable?
Full Circle produces videos and live streams for clients. We typically write into the contract that our clients own the final exports. We ask that any non-sensitive content be available to Full Circle for marketing / website portfolio use. We are glad to negotiate ownership exclusivity and publicity.

Can you produce my commercial, TV show or film?
YES! If you can dream it, we can do it!

Do you shoot in HD?
Of course! - we have cameras that shoot in 6K resolution. We are glad to consult with you to determine if this is even necessary

What is live streaming?
Streaming is connecting with viewers LIVE. Your viewership can see and react instantly. It’s like being face to face, real time. It connects you to your viewers more organically than clicking play on a pre-recorded video.

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